Weekly Roundup: 3/2/12


Welcome to the Weekly Roundup, a new feature of the Projectline blog. We know that the week can move pretty fast. Since Fridays sometimes offer a chance for a breather, we wanted to share links to some of the articles we liked this week. As always, we’d love to get your take, so feel free to leave a comment or chat us up on Twitter.

Customer Engagement
7 Steps to Sharing Superherodom—This is an interesting article which blends discussion of social media and customer engagement.

Social Media
Facebook Timeline for Brands—Finally released this week. There are many blog posts on this topic, but this one is quick and sums up the major changes.

On Startups and Social Media—I think this article is a little short sighted. In my opinion, it doesn’t only apply to startups. Social media is just one tool in a box of marketing tactics.

NASCAR Driving and Tweeting—This story is just plain interesting. See how social media can be used during down time.

February Seattle Social Media Club—Missed the event this week? It’s OK. I did too. Hear what you missed with this podcast.

Projectline Posts
2012 Summit on Customer Engagement—Projectline was busy this week at the Summit on Customer Engagement. Check out all of our blog posts in one place.

Corporate Philanthropy Day—Impacting our community in a positive way is a central part of our Projectline mission. Check out our co-founders’ take on what this day means to them.

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About Brian Johnson

Brian got his professional start at a localization company, where he managed projects in a variety of languages. A move from Eastern Washington to Tacoma, WA led Brian to a role as Digital Media Strategist at a professional networking startup managing online communities. He currently utilizes his expertise in social media as a member of the Board of Directors for a non-profit independent movie theater and to promote events in the historic neighborhood where he lives. He holds a Master of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington. It's not all work: Brian enjoys researching and writing about cocktails, browsing his Netflix queue, and listening to music.

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