Weekly Roundup: 6/8/12


Welcome to the Projectline Weekly Roundup. We know that the week can move pretty fast. Since Fridays sometimes offer a chance for a breather, we wanted to share links to some of the articles we liked this week. As always, we’d love to get your take, so feel free to leave a comment or chat us up on Twitter. Happy reading and have a great weekend!

Weekly Roundup

Business Intelligence
Look for Big Data to Weigh Heavily in the 2012 Elections—Data isn’t just for technology companies. Data is being used in various ways in nearly every industry, including politics. You can bet that the campaigns will be analyzing data for fund raising, to get out the vote, and everything in between.

Customer Engagement
How To Turn Your Customers Into Rock Stars Of Influence—Who doesn’t like rockstars? So why not treat your customers that way. This article explains the why and the how.

Social Media
What Should We Call Social Media—This is a fun Tumblr page that highlights certain social media situtations via animated GIFs. Nothing ground breaking here, but remember that if you have employees in social media, this is how they feel.

SAP’s SAPPHIRENOW—Optimizing the “Digital Layer”—This is a nice look at some of the ways SAP uses social media at events and different ways of engaging with the internet world.

Projectline Posts
Volunteering: The Mantra at Work—Sam Hufford interviews some of our UK employees to see how they give back to their community. What does your company do to give back? How do you give back?

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Brian got his professional start at a localization company, where he managed projects in a variety of languages. A move from Eastern Washington to Tacoma, WA led Brian to a role as Digital Media Strategist at a professional networking startup managing online communities. He currently utilizes his expertise in social media as a member of the Board of Directors for a non-profit independent movie theater and to promote events in the historic neighborhood where he lives. He holds a Master of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington. It's not all work: Brian enjoys researching and writing about cocktails, browsing his Netflix queue, and listening to music.

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