Team Member: Elliott Lemenager

Elliott is addicted to social technology and new media. He jumped into social technology when he was finishing his MBA and MSL at Grand Canyon University. He realized the potential in social technology while studying virtual leadership, innovation, and group dynamics—seeing that these new technologies are fostering the human element on the Web. Since then, he has gained experience in the industry as a social marketing strategist for a wide range of content. Most recently, he spent time in Honduras working with the people, helping in children’s homes and feeding kitchens, and teaching new self-sustaining practices. During his trip, Elliott funneled all of the interaction through social networking platforms to bring awareness to the general public about the harsh realities that the people face there. It's not all work: Elliott loves to experiment and try new things, which has lead him to start his own social networks, podcasts, blogs, and video and audio productions. Most of these experiements in social technology and new media stem from his love of music, backpacking, rock climbing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, running, triathalons, and family and friends. Connect with Elliott: Twitter | His Blog

The trick to social media engagement: Click factors and response factors

October 12, 2010

Marketing Musings, Social Media

In last week’s post, I talked about three different tactics to define keywords and audiences to target your social media engagement. (If you did last week’s assignment, you should have your primary and secondary keywords list established and ranked by their trends.) With those in hand…let’s Engage! Engage! Engage! Engagement strategies Social media engagement is […]

Using keywords to get started with social media engagement

October 5, 2010

Marketing Musings, Social Media

Engage! Engage! Engage! You’ve probably heard this term sputtered by every social media consultant or guru in the market. However, few give much insight on how to find audiences that want to engage with you, and even fewer explain what method of engagement you should use. Essentially, these two questions need to be answered before […]