Business Intelligence


Turn data into meaningful insight

Are your most important business decisions getting bogged down in details? You need more than data; you need penetrating insight into how the key areas of your business are performing.

Projectline can help you identify the right metrics and implement the right tools to better analyze and manage your data. Our Business Intelligence (BI) team can show you how to aggregate, analyze, model, and present your data in the most useful formats for your organization. As a result, you’ll gain meaningful, predictive measures of business performance that lead to better resource allocation and greater agility.

Because our BI professionals have experience across a range of technology platforms and industries, we can work with the tools you already own, or help build a solution from the ground up. Our expertise includes marketing automation, collaborative services, data infrastructure, social analytics, and data visualization. We blend technical know-how with a deep understanding of the way organizations work—from the C-suite to the sales field—so we can deliver a business intelligence solution that drives your whole business forward.

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“Not only was I thrilled with the results I had on my project, I was getting service above and beyond what I expected. I got value from every single engagement.”
Sr. Marketing Manager,
Microsoft Corporation