Design Services

The Projectline Design Services team helps you bring your marketing and sales messages to life—while saving you time and effort.

Create more, manage less

Strong creative—you’ve seen it. You just wonder why it seems so hard to achieve and why it takes so much energy to manage it all.

At Projectline, we know that a successful marketing or sales campaign is more than the sum of artful design and copy. That’s precisely why we take a holistic approach. The Projectline Content Strategy solution incorporates full-service creative management. Our Design Services team includes seasoned professionals skilled in consulting, design and art direction, and project and production management.

Based on your needs, our team can manage the creative process, from brainstorming and content gathering to project completion. And, we can partner with your in-house resources, providing production and usage guidelines, training, and continued support to keep your program running smoothly. Want to create more and manage less? Find out all the ways we can help.

“[Projectline] helped us create a really cool, interactive PowerPoint presentation that ran through total cost of ownership (TCO) scenarios between us and our competition. The PowerPoint presentation dynamically changes on the fly and gives you incredibly valuable data in a very impactful and, I should say, beautiful way.”
Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Technology Company