MarketMix 2012: Keeping the Conversation Going

Marketing Musings

This year marked my fourth consecutive year at MarketMix, and I have to say: it just keeps getting better! For readers who might not be aware, MarketMix is an annual event sponsored the Puget Sound chapter of the American Marketing Association (PSAMA). I arrived this year confident that I would leave at the end of the day with renewed eagerness to pursue what we as marketers all strive to accomplish—making a difference for our clients. And I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s amazing to see our community of local marketers sharing in, and yes, amplifying the enthusiasm year after year. For the second consecutive year, PSAMA representatives said that #MarketMix was the top-trending hashtag for Seattle that day. It was great to see fellow Projectliners joining the conversation online, including @projectline (thanks @CaptainChunk) and @SandraSullivan.

This year’s theme—“Thriving in a Conversation Economy”—was sprinkled throughout the keynote speeches and breakout sessions. But I thought that Ted Rubin, who gave the opening keynote, best articulated this idea. Rubin is the Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias and Social Media Strategist for MARS Advertising. Among other notable accomplishments, he’s known for popularizing the phrase “Return on Relationships” (ROR). And he had the audience riveted, not only by his approach (including the fancy socks and vest he was wearing, which he said are part of his personal brand!) but by what he had to say on this topic. He asserted that, although customer relationships have long been the currency of business, social media tools provide dynamic new ways for building and strengthening these relationships—if we use them well.

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Projectline is Headed to MarketMix 2012

Marketing Musings

Headed to PSAMA‘s MarketMix 2012 on March 20th? We’ll be there with bells on! If you are planning to attend or sponsor, let’s connect ahead of time so we have some familiar faces and names in the big auditorium. Here are some of the Projectliners who will be there:

Christina Lee: Marketing and Communications Manager. Passionate about social media in the enterprise, campaign metrics, and branding. Connect on LinkedIn.

Cody Baehr: Customer Engagement Marketing Consultant. Interested in identifying marketing channels as they relate to customer evidence, tracking ROI, and social media. Connect on LinkedIn.

Danita Cain: Sr. Customer Engagement Marketing Consultant. Super star customer evidence program manager with a passion for global programs. Connect on LinkedIn.

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Weekly Roundup: 1/27/12

Customer Engagement, Marketing Musings

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup, a new feature of the Projectline blog. We know that the week can move pretty fast. Since Fridays sometimes offer a chance for a breather, we wanted to share links to some of the articles we liked this week. As always, we’d love to get your take, so feel free to leave a comment or chat us up on Twitter. Happy reading and have a great weekend!

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