Our original vision—to bring together smart, talented people who really care about their work and who share a passion for excellence—has resulted in a well-earned reputation as a go-to resource for talented consultants who bring a special energy to their work. The kind of energy that comes from knowing they are part of a team called Projectline.

Three People, One Big Idea.

Back in 2003, Anika Lehde, Mike Kichline, and Dave Jones got together over pizza and beer to talk about creating a new kind of business, the kind they would want to work for. They knew a lot about marketing and service delivery. They knew, based on their own seriously formidable experience at Microsoft, the best way to connect people and process to achieve kick-ass outcomes. “Let’s find great people, and build something epic” was a challenge too awesome to leave as an idea sketched on the proverbial napkin, so they decided to create a living, breathing, company—Projectline.

Flash forward to today, and Projectline, along with its agency division, Yesler, has grown to an award-winning company where wickedly talented people do world-class work for companies of all shapes and sizes. The reputation that we’ve built, and the way that we’ve inspired our consultants and our clients to believe in what we’re doing at Projectline, inspires us every day.

The moral of the story? Believe. Don’t settle. Take a calculated risk, and own the results. Surround yourself with positive, smart, and genuinely enthusiastic people. Be fearless, have a sense of humor. And never, ever, turn down pizza and beer with your friends. You just never know what might happen.

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